Eliminate Ponding Water

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Play VideoRoofSlope provides an auxiliary sloping for Cap-Sheet roof systems in the new construction and rehabilitation market. Commercial Cap-Sheet roof installations are in jeopardy of “voided warranties” due to roofing manufacturers’ warranty exclusion known as “ponding water”. RoofSlope product has the ability to provide a cost effective solution for correcting inadequate drainage without compromising the integrity of the existing Cap-Sheet installation.

The RoofSlope product provides a quick and easy way to fill in low spots in flat roofs and achieve positive slope to aid in proper drainage. The product provides a durable finish that has the ability to incorporate the appropriate colored granules to match the existing roofing composition. The RoofSlope material is excellent for new construction as well as retrofit work to help minimize costly removal and / or additional framing expenses required to remedy slope-to drain issues.

The RoofSlope material has the ability to be installed in a single application; necessary to achieve the correction of ponding areas.